Fibre Optics

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  • Fibre Optic Kit

    A specially selected range of Fibre Optics and Lights Sources. All our Light sources use LED light are colour changing and include a remote control. The fibres are the highest quality with each tail being 3 x 0,75 fibres enclosed in a soft plastic cover. Features:
    • Light Source 16W
    • 100 tails 1.5m
    • Remote Control
    Size: 30/30/12 cm.
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  • Sensory Fibre Optic Curtain Ring

    This large mirror circle has a ring of fibre optic tails cascading down. Can be mounted to the ceiling creating a dramatic round curtain of lights that is reflected in the mirror. Powered by a light source with the mains plug. Professional installation is required to fix to the ceiling. This ceiling hanging fibre optic circular curtain includes a light source and 150 individual hanging fibres. Size : 70 cm diameter ring. 150 fibre tails that are 2m in length
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  • Fibre Optic Ceiling Display

    Create a stunning galaxy of stars on your ceiling with this incredibly effective fibre optic ceiling kit. Once this product is installed it will complete your dark sensory room. Control the colours with the remote control or let it scroll through a colour changing sequence to create a starry night light show. Professional installation required as the disc needs fixing to the ceiling with hooks and strings. The Fibre Optic Ceiling Display includes 16w light source and remote. Size: Diameter: 1.2 m.  
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  • Fibre Optics Padded Seat and Surround

    This comfortable high quality seat is specially designed for our 45W fibre optic kits. With the light source safely enclosed in this high quality padded seat, children are free to sit and explore the magical fibres. Size: 30/44/30 cm.  
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